Doc Watson: On Stage

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Format:  CD

Genre:  “Country” (American Folk)

Tracks: 24

Playing time:  71 minutes

Availability (out of 3):  **

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 My rating:  10/10

I like: Stripped down arrangements, varied songs and moods, inclusion of instrumentals, “live” setting

I’m less keen on :  –



A friend lent me a vinyl edition of this back in the early 1990s. As soon as it began to play Continue reading “Doc Watson: On Stage”

Martin Carthy: Essential


Format:  CD (2 discs)

Genre:  Folk (Traditional)

Tracks:  34

Playing time:  141 minutes

Availability (out of 3):  ***

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 My rating:  10/10

I like: Several tracks blow me away (instrumentals and vocal); poignant songs, light-hearted songs, upbeat instrumentals, melodic tunes

I’m less keen on :  –



Martin Carthy is little known outside folk circles but is a legend Continue reading “Martin Carthy: Essential”

Big Bill Broonzy: The Bill Broonzy Story


Format:  CD

Genre: Blues (Acoustic)

Tracks: (for 3-CD set) 67 (including “chat”)

Playing time: (for 3-CD set) 202 minutes

Availability (out of 3): 3-CD set: * / 2-CD set: ***

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My rating: 10/10

I like…   The strong voice, the driving but melodic guitar, the strong blues lyrics, the “chat” between songs, the sound quality

I’m less keen on…   At times I skip some of the “chat” tracks – but only at times! 

n.b. this review is of the earlier 3-CD set that I own, but much of it will apply to the current 2-CD edition


I first came across Big Bill Broonzy’s name Continue reading “Big Bill Broonzy: The Bill Broonzy Story”

Ralph McTell: The Unknown Soldier


Format:  CDmctell-unknown-soldier

Genre:  Folk (Contemporary), vocal

Tracks:  5

Playing time:  22 minutes

Availability (out of 3):  ***

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My rating:  9/10

I like…   The lyrics, the basic arrangements

I’m less keen on…  – 


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