A tongue-in-cheek blues!

Despite having retired recently, and despite my resolve to wait until early September before looking for some part-time work, life seems to have been busy – a frail mother to keep an eye on, two new musical instruments to get to grips with (a koa-wood tenor ukulele and a quality high Irish whistle)…


Apologies to visitors to my blog who have found nothing new here in three weeks!

I’m working on another music review to post, but for now here’s a light-hearted (well,¬†fairly¬†light-hearted!) blues lyric that I’ve jotted down to give mild vent to some of my frustrations. I’ve recently turned 60, so am entitled to be grumpy! Continue reading “A tongue-in-cheek blues!”


Sorry for my absence!

Apologies if you have been kind enough to have followed my blog. I’ve had the excitement and unbridled joy of a family wedding in June, and the care and anxiety of a family hospitalisation and rehabilitation on my plate – as well as finalising plans for (semi-) retirement!

Even posting this apology didn’t quite make it to the top of my “to do” list – I guess I kept telling myself I’d be back here sooner than I was!