My musical interests are mainly (but not exclusively) “folk” and acoustic blues music.

I’ve reviewed about 70 albums on a review site, and enjoyed sharing my appreciation of them, as well as the feedback I’ve received. I thought it would be good – and, hopefully, helpful, too – to gather them together and make them easier to access.

It will also enable me to post some reviews of albums that for various reasons can’t be posted on that site. I hope to post a review every 7-10 days.

I far prefer hard copy albums, and my album reviews will be of CD format. The availability rating in each summary will reflect this. Some may be harder to source new than others. In some instances the hard copy may be hard to obtain new or used, but an MP3 may be more readily available. Even if the albums reviewed prove unobtainable in any format, perhaps I will have whetted appetites for other titles by the same artists.

I’ll strive to be objective, but my main aim is to share my appreciation of music that I greatly enjoy. This should be borne in mind if some of my reviews appear slightly effusive and if most my reviews have little negative content. Perhaps in time I will get round to reviewing material that I am less keen on! I may also post some book reviews, and… well, we’ll wait and see…

As well as listening to music and playing some acoustic guitar, I enjoy photography and I have a keen interest in wildlife.

Please note – I am new to blogging and haven’t even dipped my toe in the social media waters, so please bear with me, especially in my early days here!


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