A tongue-in-cheek blues!

Despite having retired recently, and despite my resolve to wait until early September before looking for some part-time work, life seems to have been busy – a frail mother to keep an eye on, two new musical instruments to get to grips with (a koa-wood tenor ukulele and a quality high Irish whistle)…


Apologies to visitors to my blog who have found nothing new here in three weeks!

I’m working on another music review to post, but for now here’s a light-hearted (well, fairly light-hearted!) blues lyric that I’ve jotted down to give mild vent to some of my frustrations. I’ve recently turned 60, so am entitled to be grumpy!

I’ve posted a version of this on a review site (Ciao.co.uk) of which I am a member, under the username 2mennycds. The version below is slightly tidier. Unlikely as it seems necessary to say, I claim copyright to the words!

Any of your pet hates touched on – or omitted – here?


We’ve all been there! You ring a company, get put on hold for an age (during which time you’re encouraged to use other means of contact!)

You finally get through and the person you speak to is neither use nor ornament when it comes to resolving your problem, then asks the incredible “Is there anything else I can help you with?”

Apologies to those who aren’t interested in blues music, but the lyrics may strike a chord (and, no, I won’t apologise for the pun!) Try to imagine some raucous, bottleneck chord riffs…


Customer service blues, I got them all the time,
Customer service blues, man,  got them all the time –
Customer service blues, sure gonna lose my mind!

Man at the bank, seems he’s nothing to do
Man at the bank, sure seems he’s nothing to do –
Clipboard in hand, asks, “Sir, can I help you?”

Man shakes his head, says, “Sir, I’m sad and blue”
Yeah, man shakes his head, says, “I’m so sad and blue –
Can’t help with that – you need to join the queue.”

Customer service blues, I got them all the time,
Yeah, customer service blues, seem to have them all the time –
Customer service blues, sure gonna lose my mind!

Menu choices on the phone ‘nuff to make you dizzy,
Said, menu choices sure will drive you dizzy;
Press all the buttons, voice says, “We’re all busy.”


The music pauses, hear “We’ll be with you soon”
Music pauses, voice says “We’ll be with you soon” –
Fifteen minutes later, still that dreadful tune!

Man on the phone wants to use my first name,
Said, man on the phone calls me by my first name
But he’s no help at all – ain’t that a crying shame?

Once used to hear “Customer’s always right”
Yeah, used to hear “The customer’s always right” –
Now no-one wants to help in my sorry plight.

Customer service blues, I got them all the time
Yeah, customer service blues, man, got them all the time –
Customer service blues, sure gonna lose my mind!


Although this is a non-profit-making blog, I am anxious to credit illustrations:

“Please Wait Here” sign: https://www.crowdcontroldirect.com/Queue-Post-Top-Sign-11×14-Please-Wait-Here-p/qw0309.htm


Telephone: https://www.coastal24.com/accountservices/telephone-banking.html

(Photo of guitar my own)







Author: mostlyacousticsteve

My musical interests are mainly (but not exclusively) “folk” and acoustic blues music. I aim to publish a post about every two weeks. Although I'm in my 50s I'm new to blogging - please bear with me. My other interests are playing acoustic guitar, photography and wildlife.

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