Sorry for my absence!

Apologies if you have been kind enough to have followed my blog. I’ve had the excitement and unbridled joy of a family wedding in June, and the care and anxiety of a family hospitalisation and rehabilitation on my plate – as well as finalising plans for (semi-) retirement!

Even posting this apology didn’t quite make it to the top of my “to do” list – I guess I kept telling myself I’d be back here sooner than I was!





Author: mostlyacousticsteve

My musical interests are mainly (but not exclusively) “folk” and acoustic blues music. I aim to publish a post about every two weeks. Although I'm in my 50s I'm new to blogging - please bear with me. My other interests are playing acoustic guitar, photography and wildlife.

3 thoughts on “Sorry for my absence!”

  1. Blogging can definitely, without apology, take a back seat when you’ve got stuff going on in your life. It’s good to have you back though, and I guess it’s a mixture of happiness for the wedding, and anxiety over the family hospitalisation. I really do hope everything is okay (a stupid thing to say when obviously it’s not, but I don’t want to pry). Wishing you and your family all the very best..x


    1. Thanks for the kind thoughts! My mother has been home for just under 3 weeks after a hospital stay followed by a period of rehab. Unfortunately she feel again yesterday and is back in hospital again! Serious consideration (and persuasion!) needed about her inability to live on her own!

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      1. I’m so sorry she’s back in hospital again; it’s such a worry when parents age and something happens, like a fall. I can imagine she’d want to stay home and that a lot of persuasion would be required for her to reconsider the practicalities. I don’t think I can really say anything to help, but I just wanted to send her and you my very best wishes and thoughts..x


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